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Young women having fun dancing at nightclub

Whatever and wherever you are celebrating, you can rely on David to bring the right mix of music, lights and fun to your party. 
25th wedding celebrations, Golden weddings, engagements, graduations, leaving parties, retirement parties, coming home parties, mess dinners, reunions, Halloween parties, Christmas parties. If you can find a reason for a party, David will provide the entertainment!

David works throughout the UK and Northern France.

Music selection is always matched to the guests and requests are always encouraged. 70,000 tracks to choose from guarantees satisfaction whether the choice is a waltz from 50 years ago or the latest chart new entry.


Beautiful wedding tent set up for an outdoor reception. This is a long night exposure, there is blur under the tent showing activity

Talk to David now about your ideas for your party.


He’d love to be there! 

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