Price guides

We can only give a guide here as the exact cost will be determined by the size of your chosen venue, the time of year, the number of guests attending, set up times, duration of the set and the services you would like.

Let’s try to give you a guide to help with your planning and then

make contact to confirm availability and a precise cost for your event.


For DJ services at your wedding, expect to pay about the same as you would pay for a professionally made wedding cake! That’s around £350 – £600. Remember a midweek wedding is always less than a Saturday.

5% of your wedding budget for 100% of your dance floor fun!

Wedding toastmaster

Every wedding is individual and your choices for your big day will influence the cost.

Most weddings are between £300 – £400 for attendance from prior to the marriage service until the end of the afternoon prior to the entertainment. Again, the exact cost is affected by location and duration.

Costs include all preparation and consultations prior to the event.


All day wedding package

The best value is for a total day package including toastmaster services during the day and then DJ services for the evening party entertainment. This package includes up-lighters to dress your venue with light in the colours of your choice creating a stunning visual effect. A PA system is provided for your speeches with high quality radio microphone.

Expect the cost of this package to be £800 – £1200.


Corporate events

Corporate events vary in size considerably so the size of the show will be adjusted to fit the venue. A radio microphone is always available for speeches and announcements. Discussions prior to the event ensure a smooth transition between all events throughout the evening.

Expect fees for this to be between £325 to £600



For parties, the fee is typically £325-£500 to midnight and £35 per 30 minutes after the witching hour.


Midweek is always a lower cost than a weekend.