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All of the images on this page are from the lights and equipment used in the show. The show will be adapted to the size of the venue and can expand up to a 10 kW rig if required for the largest venues. No compromise is ever made on the quality which means the sound is always crystal clear and the lighting effects are stunning. Browse through the images to see how your venue will come to life when it’s time to party!

Headphones on CD music disc player for DJ. Top class audio equipment for studio,event,concert. Widely used by professional disc jockey. Macro, close up

Music is selected from a library of 70,000 tracks accumulated over many years. It includes the current charts as well as all of your  favourites and classics.

RCF crop

Sound is special and using RCF speakers and Shure SM58 delivers the best possible sound for both voice and music. When you need to make an announcement a radio mic is available for you  and sounding crystal clear.


Music is controlled through the Denon MC4000 controller which means rapid creation of playlists and  your requests

All of the images below are from the lasers, moving heads and other lights used in our show when we bring your party to life!