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What does a toastmaster do at a wedding?

After months and sometimes years of planning, your big day arrives! The hundreds of things you have planned need to be fitted into just 18 or so hours of a single day! That means they all need to be right first time!

You will be surrounded by Bridesmaids and Ushers and Best man, plus mums and families, so there is a lot of help on hand but, crucially, your family and guests are there to enjoy your day with you! 

My job is to ensure smooth running of your plan, helping where you want help and not interfering where it’s already covered. This allows you and your family and your guests to enjoy your day and concentrate on doing the special things that only they personally can do.

Surprises always arrive during every wedding and my job is to smooth out the surprises and get your plan back on track with the minimum fuss.

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Ideally, we will meet several weeks, and possibly more, before your wedding to discuss your plans and to take your guidance on the amount of formality you prefer. Some couples like a very informal wedding while others prefer the traditional and more formal approach. It is your wedding so you decide. I will need to know the names of the guests performing special roles such as best man and bridesmaids and of course names of mums and dads.

It’s usual now for there to be some additional special parents to welcome and diplomatic seating is easiest to achieve with my help! I need to know about the gifts and bouquets so I can ensure they are available at the right time. I need to know if you are having a receiving line ( a good idea!) about who you plan to have in the line so again I can make this diplomatically happen for you.

There is much more that I cover on the day, most importantly to be on hand if you need me.

After we have met I will record your preferences and you can update me by e-mail with the changes. – There will be lots!


You may want me to assist with some of these things during the day:


•Making the announcements that will guide your guests to the right place at the right time

•Liaising with the venue to ensure the timings are monitored and adjusted if necessary

•Ensuring guests are aware of where you would like cards and gifts placed

•Assisting the photographer to assemble the groups

•Escorting you and your partner to the wedding breakfast and announcing you

•Announcing at the receiving line which is so useful as there are so many new faces to meet

•Assisting with seating, particularly when parents and new partners need to be carefully located.

•Assisting disabled guests or those with mobility needs that need to be supported.

•If you are having grace before the meal, I will announce the person saying this or I will say the grace for you.

•Announcing the speeches and give reassurance to the speakers if required!

•Providing a microphone for the speeches if required.

•Ensuring bouquets and gifts are available at the right times

•Announcing the cutting of the cake if you choose to do this during the wedding breakfast



I am able to provide services as a toastmaster throughout the day and then optionally can stay for the evening either as toastmaster or as DJ (dressed slightly differently!!) I also offer a complete day package that includes mood lighting for the venue in a colour of your choice.


am sure you will have many questions so please feel free to give me a call at an agreed time.


The best way to make contact is by e-mail using the form below and then we can arrange the most convenient time to talk.